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Are you having difficulty preparing meals?  Are you no longer able to go out to eat like you used to?  Is there no one in the household who can prepare a meal?

Home Delivered Meals may be a program that can improve your nutrition, and ultimately your health.


The Mifflin-Juniata Area Agency on Aging, Inc. is a private non-profit organization.  The Agency coordinates many programs and activities.  The Home Delivered Meal Program is one of the in-home programs designed to promote a healthy, safe lifestyle in your home.


What are Home Delivered Meals?

Home Delivered Meals are meals sent from the Area Agency on Aging to people age 60 and over who are not able to prepare or obtain a nutritious meal. These meals are a geriatric diet meaning they are low salt and low sugar.

Special diets such as no-salt and no-sugar meals are not available.


Home delivered meals are de-livered hot from local area Senior Centers up to five days a week.  Frozen meals may also be available to be used on days when the Centers are not open.


Who is eligible to receive Home Delivered Meals?


In addition to being 60 years of age or older, a person must be determined to be in need of meals delivered to the home.  This means being physically or mentally unable to prepare a nutritious meal, attend a Senior Center, or obtain a meal prepared by another member of the household.


It is generally healthier to join others at a senior center or to keep active by preparing meals.  However, there are many instances when this is no longer possible.  In these cases, Home Delivered Meals can be a great help to keep seniors healthy and independent.

How do I make arrangements for Home Delivered Meals?


Home Delivered Meals, as well as other in-home services, are based on the need for help.  You may call the Agency or have someone call on your behalf.  If you need help in your home, you will be assigned a care manager who will arrange to meet with you and complete a thorough assessment to determine what daily tasks are difficult for you to complete, and what help might be needed.  Based on the needs that you and your care manager identify, a care plan will be developed, including meals, if appropriate.


Your care manager will also do regular reassessments to determine if your need for help has changed.

How can I help to be sure I get my meals?


There are some important things you can do to be sure that you get your meals on the days that they’ve been ordered.  Drivers may not leave a meal unless they see you.


Be home when it's time for your meal to arrive and listen for the delivery person.

Call the Senior Center that delivers your meal if you will be away.

        Notify the Senior Center manager or the person who delivers your meal if you have used all of your frozen meals that are to be used on days that the Center is closed.



Do I have to pay for the meals?


There is not a charge for Home Delivered Meals. Periodically you will be sent a statement that explains the number of meals you received and the cost to the Agency for these meals.  This is not a bill! An envelope will be included for your use to make a contribution toward the cost of these meals. 

Your donations really do help!


What is a "Special Gift" to show appreciation for the help that the meals provide?


Government funding is important but cannot begin to cover the cost for the thousands of meals delivered each year.  Everyone can help.  Volunteers are always needed to help with the packaging and delivery of meals. 


Also, special gift donations in honor or  memory of a loved one are gladly accepted.  What a wonderful way to show appreciation for the help that was received, and to extend this help to others who are in need!


Inquiries may be made by calling:




Donations can be mailed to:

Mifflin-Juniata Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

249 W. 3rd St.

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