family caregiver 

…programs to provide assistance to family members who are providing care and support.


Regardless of age, home is often where people choose to receive care.  Families are often the primary source of help in the home.  By focusing on the caregiver and providing help to those providing care, the State and Federal Family Caregiver programs (FCSP) support families so that they have the physical, emotional and financial means to continue providing this care.

What Benefits Are Available

From the FCSP?

Assessment of needs and benefit counseling

Educational & emotional support

Financial assistance to reimburse for services, supplies, modifications or assistive devices

Referral to other agencies


 An important feature of the FCSP is that the caregiver may choose the service or help most needed for him/her to continue providing care to their loved one at home.


What Is Cost Sharing?


Families and the Program share the cost for providing needed help in the home.

Reimbursement for caregiving expenses is based on actual expenses and household income.  Families may be eligible for some reimbursement for services & supplies monthly and up to $2000 for modifying the home or for purchasing needed equipment.


Who Is Eligible For the FCSP?

 Person over the age of 60 (or with dementia) must need help with at least one daily activity.

Caregiver must live in the same household as the person receiving care.

Caregiver must be related to the person needing care.

The household income must be considered in determining the amount of benefits a caregiver may receive.  This is called cost sharing, which means that depending on the household income, the caregiver may be eligible for a percentage of program benefits.



Federal Family Caregiver Program:

The person must be the primary caregiver, but there is no need to live in the same household OR to be related to the adult (age 60+) needing care.

The older adult must need help with at least 2 activities of daily living.

The older adult’s household income must be considered for cost sharing.





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