aging waiver program

Help in your home for people who are nursing home eligible and live in Mifflin & Juniata County

What is Aging Waiver Program?
Under the Aging Waiver Program, home and community based long term care services can be provided to you as an alternative to nursing home care. It is called a "Waiver" program because services are funded through a special waiver of certain Medicaid restrictions, allowing payments typically used for nursing home care to be used for care in the home. The Mifflin-Juniata Area Agency on Aging is responsible for administering the program within Mifflin and Juniata Counties.

How can the Aging Waiver Program help me?
After a thorough assessment to determine your eligibility, an assigned care manager will work with you to design a care plan that will provide help to meet your needs. There are many services you may choose from to meet these needs. Services may include: 

* Personal Care Services

* Respite Services

* Home Support Services

* Adult Daily Living (Adult Day Care)

* Environmental Modifications

* Specialized Medical Equipment & Supplies

* Home Delivered Meals

* Counseling Services

* Companion Services

* Community Transition Services

* Financial Management Services

* Personal Assistance Services

* Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)

* TeleCare

* Home Health Services

* Non-Medical Transportation Services

* Participant-Directed Goods and Services

Participant-Directed Community Supports


Who would actually provide these services to me?
If you enroll in the Waiver Program, you will have a care manager. After you and your care manager agree on a plan to meet your needs, the care manager will authorize services. You will then be able to choose the service provider that you want to provide the care. You may select from a list of participating providers.

How do I know if I'm eligible?

Individuals, who are assessed to need nursing home care, may be eligible. To be eligible for the Aging Waiver, you must be 60 years of age or older, meet financial requirements, require the level of care of a nursing home, and choose community-based services rather than a nursing home.

Are there limits to the extent of services that I can receive at home?
There are not specific limits to the number of services or the cost of the care. You may choose the services and the providers, to meet the needs identified during the assessment process. The cost of your care plan is must be approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging, Office of Long Term Living (OLTL). The Department of Aging, OLTL monitors care plans of all waiver programs to assure consistency and to monitor the quality of wavier services across the State.


Is there a cost for the Waiver Program services?
There is no fee to the consumer for the services received through the Waiver Program. However, federal and state laws require recovery of Medical Assistance payments from the probate estate.

How can I receive more information about the Aging Waiver Program?
Interested consumers or family members should call:

Mifflin-Juniata Area Agency on Aging Inc. at:







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