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Notice of Privacy Policy

We value your affiliation with the MJAAA and take your right to personal privacy seriously. We will inform you of our policies for collecting, using, securing and sharing personal health information and other non-public personal information, initially and every year that you continue your affiliation with this Agency.

Privacy Principles

* We do not sell personal private information including names and addresses.

* We do not provide any personal individual information to persons or organizations outside the MJAAA who are doing business on behalf of this Agency without your written consent.

* We do not share any personal individual information to other persons or organizations that are potential providers of service without your written consent.

* The MJAAA will collect only the minimum personal information required for your type of affiliation.

* If there is any suspected breach of confidential information, the AAA Quality Assurance Manager must be contacted within two business days. The AAA is responsible to determine if a breach occurred and will notify the affected individuals within two days.

Information the MJAAA May Collect

The MJAAA may obtain information necessary to provide you with employment or services or to enroll you in a program. Information we may collect, depending on your affiliation with the Agency, may include:

* Personal data and information related to health, functioning and finances, as required by the Pa. Department of Aging to complete a needs assessment process for determining level of care, unmet needs and eligibility.

* Personal information (necessary to complete the assessment process) from formal and informal supports including physicians and family members (with your permission).

* Information required for employment or required reporting, including name, address, ethnicity, gender, employment history, education and experience.

Information Disclosure

* Personal information may be used to further your affiliation with this Agency. It may be used for employment purposes (if appropriate), to enroll you in a program or to assess your needs for services, develop a care plan, arrange for services etc.

* There may be times that aggregate information will be shared (i.e. for reporting and statistics). This information will not identify personal information such as names of individuals.

* Information may be shared with law enforcement or with public health officials when required by law.

* If you receive services from this agency, information may also be shared for the following:

* To communicate with health care professionals who are caring for you.

* To verify that services were actually received and to receive payment for these services.

The MJAAA will not use or disclose your protected health information except as described in this notice, as authorized by law, or with your written permission.

Your Rights

You have the right to:

* To request a restriction on certain uses and disclosures of your protected health information.

* Receive a copy of this notice initially and on an annual basis as long as you continue your affiliation with this agency.

* To expect that all personal and protected health information be treated as confidential information.

* Inspect and copy your protected health information.

* Revoke your consent to release certain protected health information.

* To expect that the policies in this document be followed.

* To be notified if a breach occurs.

* To file a complaint if you feel your rights have been violated.

The MJAAA may change its privacy practices and make the new privacy practices effective for all protected health information we maintain. Should this occur, we will mail revised notice to the address you have supplied us.

For More Information

If you have any questions and would like additional information you may contact the MJAAA at:

Mifflin-Juniata Area Agency on Aging Inc.

249 West 3rd Street

Lewistown, Pa. 17044

(717) 242-0317 or 1-800-348-2277

Your inquiry will be directed to the appropriate person or department.




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